Things - A one-shot

So, you guys can probably guess why I wrote this haha.

Cheers to us girls! This’ll get you through your… cycle. ;)

(That’s in here so don’t think I find saying period awkward)

Enjoy lovelies!



My ringtone sounds ‘She Will Be Loved,’ the ringer she set her number for. “Hey babe,” I say to Rose through the phone.

“Ugh,” she grunts. She sighs, “Hey Josh.”

“What’s wrong?” I question her.

She grunts again. “Guess.”

“Uhhh…” I laugh. “I don’t know!”

“I got my period, Josh. I wanna kill anyone and everyone who says a word to me who I don’t want to talk to, I want to eat every single fucking food in my cabinet, and my insides feel like they’re being ripped to shreds.” I assume she means cramps.

“Aww baby, I’m sorry. Can I come over? Or will you rip my head off?” I laugh at my own joke to try and lighten her mood, but her silence scares me. I nervously laugh this time. “B-baby? Y-you know I was only kidding, right?” I look at my phone. She hung up. I sigh and call her best friend, Rachel.

“Whaddup bitch?” she greets me.

“I need your help…” I take a deep breath. “What… brand does she use?”

“What?” Rachel laughs. “Brand? The hell are you talkin’ about boy?”

“Y-you know… brand.”  I really try my best to emphasize it this time.

It takes her a second, but she lets out a long ‘ohhh.’ She laughs. “You mean tampon brand?” I give her silence as my obvious answer. Even though we’re not face to face, I blush. And she probably knows I do. “Josh, you’ve been together with her for two years now and you don’t even know the tampons she uses?”

“Well!…” I protest, but don’t know what else to say. “I’ve only gotten her them twice, and both times I went in the store and got the hell out.”

Rachel starts cracking up. “I’ll never forget when you got the wrong ones!”

“Yeah yeah yeah…” I say and cringe at the memory. “That’s why I’m calling you.”

“Tampax. Don’t forget to get chocolate. Pop—”

“Popcorn is her favorite and I have to make sure to get tissues for when we watch the sappy chick flick. I got it. Thanks Rachel.”

“Any time, Josh.” She hangs up and I grab my keys out of the bowl on the counter.

“Andre,” I yell out into the house, “I’m going to Rose’s. Don’t know when I’ll be back. If I’ll be back,” I mutter.

“Alright bro.” He comes down the stairs. “Good luck,” he laughs.

I roll my eyes. “Thanks. I’ll need it.” 

I head out and hop on my motorcycle on my way to the store. As soon as I get there, I immediately head for the candy aisle first. I grab a few giant hershey’s bars, and remember that swedish fish are Rose’s favorite, so I take a big bag of those too. I walk a few aisles over and get popcorn kernels and movie theater butter for Rose’s popcorn machine. I regret leaving that aisle to get the… things.

I look forever until I find a big pre-wrapped box of tampax whatever, just like Rachel told me to get. An aisle over are the tissues, and I get a santa hat as a joke since the holidays are nearing and I figure I can be her “Secret Santa.”

What a Santa, buying tampons and chocolates for his girlfriend, I think in my mind. I scoff and shake my head. Finally I get a bottle of advil and proceed to a checkout aisle. The cashier smirks, and we both end up laughing. “Girlfriends,” I joke.

“Dude, tell me about it,” he chuckles. I pay and thank him, tell him to have a good day, and I put the bag in my drawstring as soon as I reach my bike. A few fans wave to me, and I see paparazzi snapping pictures. Thank the Lord they can’t see the tampons. At least I hope they can’t see the damn tampons. I can see it making magazine covers now; Josh Hutcherson purchasing tampons. Anything you’re trying to tell us, Josh? I just laugh and rev up my engine for the girls who are waving to me. They look 13 or 14, and they squeal at me. I zip past them and they yell, “Joshua!” I laugh and get on the main road.

I stop in Pizza Palace and get a pie of half plain half mushroom. This is always Rose’s favorite, especially on her… cycle. I thank the man who boxes it for me, and carefully tie the pizza on the back of my bike.

The drive to Rose’s apartment takes about 15 minutes, and I’m thankful that she’s still home when I get there. Well, I actually don’t know where else she’d be. I take my helmet off and take the Walmart bag out of my backpack. The chill of winter bites at me, so I hurry up her steps with the pizza in my hands and her “gifts” on top of it. The door is locked when I attempt to open the it, so I decide not to knock in case she’s sleeping and use my key.

I tiptoe in and nearly give her room mate, Amy, a heart attack. Her hand flies to her chest and she lets out a long breath. “Jesus Josh, you scared me half to death.”

“Hello to you too,” I retort sarcastically. “Is Rose asleep?”

Amy laughs. “Far from it. I’m just heading out.” She walks up to me and leans into my ear. “Good luck with her. It’s her second day. Only the worst.” I gulp and she just laughs and continues on her way out.

“Oh, Ro-ose,” I call out to her. “Where are you?” It sounds like we’re playing hide and seek.

“In here, asshole,” she says from the movie room upstairs. It’s not much of one, but it’s probably the coolest room ever. It was supposed to be a mini upstairs kitchen, but Rose and Amy renovated it as a movie room. It has cabinets and a sink, basically the whole shabang. They use it as a kitchen, but only when they’re in there and just chilling. There’s a huge flatscreen with amazing surround sound and a DVD and VHS player. Christmas lights illuminate it all year long, and they have a mini fridge, popcorn machine, and slushy machine. They have two long couches on the sides of the room, and three beanbag chairs and a fluffy couch directly facing the TV. They hung a few posters from some of mine and Rose’s movies. It’s a pretty cool ass room.

I walk up the steps and steady the pizza. Right before entering the room, I remember to put my hat on. I walk in with my mouth open to find her on the floor with a heating pad on her torso. “Surprise!” She smiles.

She sits up and turns the pad off, and puts it to the side. “Not much of one. I knew you’d come,” she says with narrow eyes. I bend down and she yanks me by my coat to kiss me.

“Well, I come bearing gifts.” I put the pizza down and give her the advil, chocolate, swedish fish, and the… things.

“Ugh, thank you SO much for the advil.” She pops two pills in her mouth and takes a swig of her water. She looks at the “things” and laughs. “You actually grew up and bought tampons without being a pussy about it?”

“Sorta… It took everything, really. I mean, it was for you, so that got me through it.” I wink. She giggles and thanks me with a kiss on my cheek. “Oh, I almost forgot.” I pull out the tissues. “For when we watch some sappy chick flick.”

She widens her eyes and cocks her head in shock. “You’re actually volunteering? You mean I don’t need to beg you or tie you down or bribe you with sex?” I shake my head. “Well, damn, I guess it’s my lucky day. Ooo! And I know just the one!” She gets up and I roll my eyes.

“Just, please tell me it’s not The Notebook or The Vow.”

“Not that sappy, Josh. And it has to be Christmas.” She rummages through the cabinet of movies and eventually pulls out a DVD. She puts it in and grabs the remotes, changes the input, and lets the previews play. She grabs paper plates off the counter and brings them over to me along with a bottle of diet coke and a bottle of regular for me. She sits down in my lap and brings the pizza over. “You better have gotten mushroom.” She smiles when she opens it.

“I think of everything,” I sigh. We laugh and Rose situates herself so that her legs are over mine and she’s not entirely on my lap. This beanbag chair is huge, so we fit no problem. We talk a little and watch some of the previews, occasionally saying, “that looks good!” or “I’ve seen that before!” The main menu appears after Rose and I have already finished.

“Wait babe, want me to make popcorn?”

“Please,” she says and throws her head back. I move her legs off me and put the kernels in the pot with the butter. While I wait for it to cook, I glance at the screen. She chose The Holiday. I laugh and shake my head. “What?” she says.

“Nothing,” I laugh.

“What?!” she asks more forcefully this time.

I laugh again. “It’s just, I think last Christmas we watched this movie 20 times, at least.”

Rose crosses her arms. “It’s a tradition, then.” I just laugh and shake my head. I fill our classic popcorn boxes and walk back over to her. We watch the movie silently munching on the popcorn and candy—well, she mostly eats the candy—but about halfway through Rose begins to lose some interest. I guess her ADHD is kicking in. She takes my hand and plays with my fingers, and doesn’t let my hand go or stop moving it back and forth. “You know what really sucks about periods?” Rose says with her hand on her stomach and her eyes focused on the ceiling.

“I’ll guess the cramps?”

“Well, that, but another thing;” she turns her head to me, “your emotions are heightened SO much on your period, so I get so fucking horny at every single little thing you do. And I can’t fuck you.” I laugh and she hits me in the gut, causing me to wince and let out a grunt. “I’m serious! You have absolutely NO idea how hard I want to do you right now. And I fucking CAN’T!” Rose clenches her fist and hits her leg.

“Well, you could gi—”

“HA!” she bursts out. She doesn’t need me to finish my question, she knows just what I’m asking for. “In your dreams, Josh. I am NOT giving you a blow job.” I make a fake pouty face. “Not right now, at least.” I cross my arms and scoff, and give her the hand. She pins it down and kisses me on the lips harshly. “Don’t act mad at me, dick!” I laugh and take her cheeks and kiss her back.

“I could never,” I say. She giggles and leans in to kiss me more gently this time. We make out for a while, but she pulls away and nudges my chest.

“You’re distracting me from the movie!”

I open my mouth wide. “Me?! YOU’RE the one who stopped to tell me how horny you were!”

She puts her finger on my lips and laughs. “Shhh. No one heard that.”

“Wait, I know just the cure for your horniness.” She looks at me quizzically.

“What might that be?”

I laugh and lift my shirt. “My rock hard abs.”

“Stoppppp,” she whines and pulls my shirt down. “You’re a cocky bastard, you know that?”

“I’ve been told. By who? Oh, that’s right, YOU! Many, many times!” She laughs and kisses me, and settles her head on my chest. She keeps rubbing her stomach, but I know she won’t admit to being in pain. Not unless it’s REALLY severe. I move her hand and rub it for her. She looks up at me and smiles, and softly pecks my lips. She returns her head to my chest and she’s out in five minutes. I finish watching the movie that I probably know all the lines to. But I’m not complaining. It’s special. It’s a part of our relationship. I softly laugh at her earlier statement. “It’s a tradition.”

Added on to rubbing her stomach I play with her hair a little, but I wind up finding myself pretty tired so I get comfortable and feel myself falling asleep, too.